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Simplifying, enriching and modernizing your real estate experience.

Enhancing Real Estate with Modern Technology

Our goal is to unleash our client’s potential to capitalize on their real estate resources for long-term investment growth while simplifying and enriching their experience in buying, selling and tracking the performance of their properties.

Whether you are living in your dream home or on the path to growing your real estate assets, Meryx will join you in your journey to realize the potential of your real estate by understanding your goals and help reach them. We are your partner – as you grow, we grow! Through our expertise in helping you buy or sell your property and real estate investment planning, you can benefit from Meryx for every aspect of your real estate need.

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Dev Soor
Dev Soor
Real Estate Broker

Dev Soor brings 7 years of real estate experience as an investor and property manager, and became a licensed real estate broker in December 2016. Prior to Meryx, Dev spent 25 years in technology industry working in large corporations and startups, helping them grow. He has held various management roles in business development, marketing and sales. His focus has always been to take good care of his customers and team members, as he believes that their success is his success. Meryx was born out of Dev’s passion for both technology and real estate, with a vision to simplify and modernize real estate experience through automation, latest technological innovations and exceptional customer service.