Enriching our client's real estate experience for
buying, selling, and investing in properties.
Buying a Home

Customized searches to find your home, save time on online research and visiting homes

Selling Your Home

Latest cutting edge marketing techniques to get the best price for your home

Real Estate Investments

Strategic roadmaps for long term investment returns and portfolio growth

Meryx can alleviate first-time investor’s concerns by providing housing market data to help make decisions faster, and build a plan on how to find their 2nd property, and their 3rd property, and so on, until they achieve their goals.

Through thorough consultation, we will understand your long-term goals and create a plan so that you can work towards achieving those goals such as number of properties desired, income range to achieve, and managing the properties most cost effectively.

Let’s Help You Save Time & Money

Meryx not only helps cut down the time to research homes online, but by providing transparency to the buying and sales process through automation, the clients can track each step and ensure a smooth closing.


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