Buying a Home

Saving time on online research and visiting homes
aligned with lifestyle choices.


Introducing intelligent and customized search methodology that helps you narrow down and prioritize your search based off your most important lifestyle and daily activities.

Home buyers of today have access to plethora of information available online that they use to research homes. According to the National Association of Realtors® 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report, 42% of home buyers first learned about the home through the web. On average, buyers spent 10 weeks searching for their home.

Price and location of the home are most important criteria for the home buyer when searching for their home. Depending on the conditions of the market, it may not always be possible to find the dream home in the perfect location. Most often, buyers must compromise on these two parameters. But a few things that the buyer experiences on a day to day basis gets overlooked, which are discovered after the buyers move into their house, such as the distance and time to work place, schools, favorite grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, daycare facilities etc.

Simplifying the Buyers Search

Not Just Location & Price. Looking Beyond.

The Lifestyle-Based Home Search from Meryx is an intelligent search methodology that helps you to narrow down the search for your home based on your lifestyle and daily activities that are important to you.

Lifestyle Based Search

Answer a series of specific questions to help us address your needs and begin personalizing your search for you. We will help you determine what homes are available based off your needs.

Informative Reports

It’s our goal to reduce the time and effort for what would have taken a long and tedious process to get you that home. We provide you an analysis of commute times, nearby schools, grocery stores, and daily points-of-interest.

The Human Element

Meryx does not intend to take human interaction out of the process entirely. It’s our goal that we have more time to help you better understand your wants and needs to help drive a more informed pursuit for the “right” home. We’ll be with you from start to finish!

Save Time Researching

Shorten and even eliminate your time researching online and making sense of the overwhelming information to narrow down your search. Meryx gathers and consolidates all the information into an easy to read report so that you can get a full picture of available choices. This is especially helpful for buyers who are from out of state or out of town, who are unfamiliar with the geography.

Get the complete picture

Looking for houses only based on price and location does not give you a complete picture and this can result in you visiting homes that don’t meet your lifestyle choices, and thus time is wasted. Through Meryx’s search methodologies, you can narrow down your search and only visit homes that are relevant.

Avoid Automated Alerts & Irrelevant Suggestions

Several websites today provide the ability to set up search criteria and get mobile alerts. Though this sounds helpful, the search criteria is usually limited to price and location, ultimately you get both irrelevant choices and bombarded with alerts. We go beyond price and location, and identify a filtered list of homes based on your specific criteria. This also helps identify homes that may not otherwise show up.

Sample Buyer Reports

Reports and graphs are produced that helps the buyer visualize not only what the house looks like, but also what their lifestyle will be once they start living in it.

You would know where exactly the grocery stores are, how long will it take to commute to work, if there are hiking trails nearby, etc. Normally, these are only discovered after the buyer moves into the house, but would it not be nice to know all this before you buy the house?

Grocery Stores within miles
Commute Times (mins)

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Our process is designed to be easy, efficient and streamlined. We want to help you get started as soon as possible.

Complete Initial Questionnaire

Submit your information in the form below which will walk you through series of questions based on your lifestyle

Homes are analyzed that meet your criteria

We research and find you houses that meet your criteria, and we send you detailed reports and maps for each house

Visiting your favorite homes

We’ll go visit the houses with you and help you pick your dream home

Modern Buying Experience

Take advantage of modern tools and resources to manipulate and make sense of information available.


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