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Real Estate Investments

We take away the heavy lifting that investors do while searching for properties. Meryx partners with you on your lifelong journey to achieve your goals.


An Opportunity for Many.

Real estate investment has provided wealth and retirement income to a lot of Americans. With the market conditions changing constantly, it becomes a challenge for real estate investors to find properties that would be profitable in the long run. A savvy investor performs due diligence and analysis before buying any property. Everyone has different goals they want to achieve, such as:

  • Provide long term income through rental properties
  • Have a goal of X number of properties to acquire within Y number of years
  • Buy, fix and sell housing (house flipping)
  • Buy vacant land and build new houses

Leverage our Team’s Expertise

There is no shortage of information such as ROI calculators, courses, investment clubs etc. available in the market. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all this information, and especially how to use that information and be practical. If you are a first time investor, it is daunting to make the jump and get comfortable with making such a large amount of investment.


  • How do I first find property that will be profitable in the long run?
  • How do I get information on comparable properties on selling price and rents?
  • Is there any way to predict how this property will perform under the worst market conditions?
  • Should I manage this property myself or should I hire a property manager, what are the cost differences?
  • How do I grow my portfolio?
  • Should I buy residential properties or commercial as well?

Journey to Success

Meryx takes away the heavy lifting that investors do while searching for properties and then managing them. Meryx partners with you on your lifelong journey to achieve your goals. Through thorough consultation, we will understand your long-term goals and create a plan so that you can work towards achieving those goals that may be, such as, number of properties desired, income range to achieve, and managing the properties most cost effectively.

Analysis & Reports

Meryx provides various tools and reports to monitor and analyze performance of your properties. We provide you with cash flow and ROI analysis to help identify lucrative deals.

Roadmap with diverse investments

By creating a roadmap that serves as a guide, Meryx helps you with advance planning so that you can make decisions on when may be the right time to buy or sell your property, whether to buy residential or commercial property depending on market conditions, and whether it would make sense to flip a property.

Find Hidden Gems

Meryx will do the research and due diligence for each property before presenting it to you. We don’t storm you with automated emails in your inbox everyday, expecting you to spend time on the analysis. We will only inform you of the properties that meet your criteria and present you with the full analysis with detail reports, graphs and projections. Due to the competitive nature of the business, the good deals do not last long in the market, therefore, when a good property is spotted, investors need to “jump” on it immediately. The research, analysis and reports Meryx provides cuts down the time it takes you to decide, and instead take action.

Sample Investor Reports

Meryx Realty delivers comprehensive reports and graphs that give you not only full analysis of the subject property, but also projections on its performance and dashboard to track your portfolio.

Given some assumed market factors such as current interest rates, projected increase or decrease in rents and operating expenses, capital expenses and down payment, we perform cash flow analysis and 5-10 year projections. This helps you make informed decisions.

Cash on Cash Return
Return on Equity

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Our process is designed to be easy, efficient and streamlined. We want to help you get started as soon as possible.

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Proactive search & opportunity analysis

We are on constant look out for deals, we do the due diligence and send you detailed ROI analysis

Handpick from our choices

Pick houses that you want, we help you structure attractive offers to increase chances of acceptance

Let’s Help You Find High Quality Properties

Real Estate investing is a science and an art which requires you to take emotion out of the equation and run it as a true business. By spending more time on research and due diligence upfront, you can build a portfolio of low quantity, high quality properties which produce higher than average returns, instead of high quantity, low quality properties producing less than desirable gains.


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